What Should I Know About Comb Bindings?

Do you need to bind some important documents or files? You can opt for any kind of binding techniques, such as saddle or comb or coil binding. Among the different techniques available, comb bindings also known referred to as cerlox binding is one of the most popular binding techniques. Before opting for this kind of binding technique, one should have a proper idea about it.

comb bindings

What is Cerlox Binding?

Comb or cerlox binding is one of the most common binding formats. With this binding technique, several pages can be bind together to make a notebook. However, this binding technique makes use of plastic round spines and a punching machine. Usually, the spines come with 19 rings or 21 rings.


Many Things to Consider

Even after being the oldest form of binding technique, one needs to consider some facts. Only then one would be able to understand if comb bindings would be the suitable binding style for one’s project. However, before using this binding technique one should know about these following things. They are:

  • Size

The plastic binding combs that one is going to use for binding documents are usually available in different sizes. Hence, irrespective of the project one is handling, one would get plastic binding combs very easily.

The smallest size of the comb is three sixteenth of an inch. Hence, documents with only a few pages can use this comb size. On the other hand, large sized plastic combs are available in 2” and can easily bind around 400 sheets of paper.

  • Hole Pattern

Plastic comb binding or cerlox binding makes use of a 19 hole pattern that characterizes rectangular holes. As the holes measure around 9/16” on center, it can be used by all plastic binding combs. This pattern of holes can be also used with Spiral 19 ring wires and Komtrak Inspiral coils.

  • Colors

Coming to the spines, it can be said that they are available in different color variants. Matching the color of the cover or company logo, it can be used. The combs are available in black, navy blue, white, and in any PMS color. Sometimes the colors can be customized if customers require.

  • Finishing

A comb bindings machine needs to be used in order to punch the sheets. A plastic comb opener is required for finishing the documents. Smaller binding machines can come with an opener with the machine. Still, a separate comb opening device can be used. With the opener, bound documents can be edited so that pages can be added or removed.

  • Printing

Plastic combs can be bought with printed company names or logos. It can be even foil stamped. Hence it can be good for making cookbooks and manuals.

  • End Product

Once a document is bound with plastic combs, it can be opened flat. It would become easy for photocopying things. The 360 degree flexibility can be a great thing.

Even if there are tons of binding styles available, plastic comb or spiral comb bindings style is immensely popular. After all, with this binding style, one can bind notebooks, reports journals, and many more things

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